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/ Wednesday, 30 April 2014 /
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I love the look of ombre nails and I always get a ton of compliments no matter what colour combinations I choose. Back in December, I started doing my own gel nails. It took a while to master what products worked and to find techniques that worked for me, but I love the option of being able to switch up my look whenever I want without having to worry about the chipping of regular nail polishes.

I haven't seen any ombre nail tutorials for gel polish, so I decided to try the typical sponging technique that is used with regular nail polish. I knew after curing the gel it would be a lot harder to clean up around the cuticles, but the end result was not disastrous considering it was my first time. 

1. First I used the Finger Paints gel polish base and two coats of the Finger Paints white polish in Stay True to the Art. I followed the regular gel procedure as if I was doing white gel nails.

2. I picked up white school glue, some paint brushes, and cosmetic wedge sponges from the dollar store. I painted the white glue around my cuticles and waited for it to dry. I see a lot of girls use this method with nail polish ombre to prevent the polish from getting on their fingers. It worked decently well with the gel.

3. I painted two strips of gel polish on the cosmetic wedge. I used Gelaze Swing  Baby on the bottom of the sponge and Finger Paints Aesthetically Teal-sing on the top. I then lightly dabbed the sponge across each nail and cured the polish.

4. I repeated step 3 again to give my nails a more vibrant colour.

5. I used the gold glitter Gelish Mini in Twinkle to add some extra sparkle. I started at the cuticle a brushed the polish lightly three quarters of the way to the tip of my nails and then cured it

6.I finished with the Gelaze top coat. I then went over all the nails with nail polish remover which removed the majority of the glue and extra polish. I was then able to scrub the rest off in the sink. This worked better for me than trying to peal the glue off.
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