Black Lace?

/ Tuesday, 29 April 2014 /

To me, black lace is one of the sexiest and most flattering and luxurious fabrics you can wear. Sexy, but still feminine and delicately beautiful.  It is the perfect mix of sexy and sweet, light and dark, tough and delicate. It seems like the perfect title to capture the soft sensitive side of my personality, but also the daring and adventurous side.

Black Lace is always my go-to choice for both everyday undergarments and  lingerie. I am completely addicted to lingerie shopping, so here are some pieces I am currently lusting after at la Senza:

  1. Black Lace Trimmed Chemise 
  2. Sheer Black Babydoll
  3. Black Pleather Bra with Lace Trim
  4. Black Pleather Panties with Lace Trim

La Senza is one of my favourite local lingerie stores. More soon on my favourite bras and panties.

Elise xo


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